Every Day

Lauras Library. Select from a robust assortment of books and enrichment activities during open hours.

Free Little Library. Located outside of HelloBaby. Children can choose books anytime.

Take Home Crafts. Help yourself to our hand bagged crafts.  They include everything you need to complete an age appropriate art project.

Open Play Everyday. Always free.

Broadway Story Time Our friends at Stages Chicago present this interactive story hour. Stages Chicago was created by a professional performer turned early childhood development specialist. This unique curriculum is both entertaining and developmentally appropriate. Friday, 10:30 am.

Read Aloud

University of Chicago Lab school teacher Ted Ratliff (1st grade and N-2 faculty chair) launched this program which is led by our own superstar volunteer, Colleen Harper. We read and distribute fun books and have a story related activity. Tuesday,10:30 am.

Tips For Story Time/Circle Time

By Colleen Harper

In addition to having fun, one of our goals at Hello Baby is to help you prepare our young guests for pre- school. One of the important routines at preschool is CIRCLE TIME. Very few children take to circle time right away, and like many new things, it takes exposure and repetition before they figure out it that it’s worth their time and attention.

Here are some tips:


1. Don’t be embarrassed if your child won’t sit still for circle time.

I don’t mind and nor should you.  One little girl refused to sit and would run through the circle.  I finally realized that she was glancing more and more at the book, as she ran through. After about 3 months, she brought a book to me to read…. I expected it to take much longer!! She was showing me that she had a lot of energy and had a “kinetic” learning style.

2. Don’t force it or get stuck in a power struggle, that’s no fun for anyone

If you are OK with doing this, I do encourage YOU to stay in circle time, sing the songs and listen to the stories. Your child will eventually start to wonder why you seem to be having a good time without them and may start to approach the circle. Don’t be surprised if they sit in your lap for a moment and then wander off again..that’s OK, let them; you keep participating.

3. Feel free to move to the back of the room

If you don’t feel comfortable letting your child play alone away from the circle, then please feel free to move to the back of the room away and be with them…. but don’t have too much fun, we want the child to notice that they are missing out on the main event.

KULEA CIRCLE WITH DR. DAMIAN. The Doctor is in the first Monday of every month. “Kulea” means nurture in Swahili. Little ones can enjoy facilitated play with our staff while Dr. Damian McGee visits with parents and caregivers. Next Circle will be November 6th.

Music with Miss Amelia

Our beloved Miss Amelia visits with her guitar for a fun sing along. Thanks to Bubbles Academy and Whole Child Arts for making this programming possible.  Friday, 1:30 pm.