Our Guiding Principles

We understand that the challenges facing many parents in the City of Chicago are daunting. We created HelloBaby to help meet the needs of underserved families – following our collective hearts and consciences, with each detail and every decision. From that vision, we formed guiding principles that support our programs - principles we continue to revisit and refine, because ultimately, we simply want to be, create and do better. Our guiding principles are:

Create a Culture of Community

We are serious about community. We think motherhood can be a lonely, stressful job and we want to help make it a little easier by providing a safe, happy place to play with your child and by connecting you with other parents and caregivers. Together, we can share our joys and sorrows — and, parenting techniques, referrals and resources.


Strive for Excellence

Our facility is state of the art, developmentally appropriate, environmentally responsible, safe, clean and loaded with opportunities for movement, creativity, socializing, exploring and fun. We do this because we know that the best way for children to learn is through imagination and play. When they play children develop motor, social, language and math skills. Play really is the work of childhood.

Service Matters

We know exceptional service is important, and we intend to go above, beyond, and way over the top. We also know that the most crucial years in a child’s development are between birth to three years old. Let us partner with you to give your child the best start in life. We are good listeners and are open to all concerns and ideas.