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Temporarily Closed due to Covid

January 10, 2022 @ 9:00 am - February 4, 2022 @ 5:00 pm

We hate to do this.  Really, really really hate to do this.  However, we are again temporarily closing our doors effective Monday, January 10, 2022.   It is our safest option right now.

The COVID infection rate in Cook County is double what it was last year.   Infection rates among children under 4 years old are double the rate reported a month ago and 3 times the rate at this time last year.under 4 years old are double the rate reported a month ago and 3 times the rate at this time last year.

Hospitals and emergency rooms are swamped with COVID patients and people are not getting appropriate care.  It is currently very difficult to secure the correct antibody treatment for Omicron in Chicago.

The biggest issue is that vaccinated people are impacted with Omicron, not showing symptoms, and unknowingly passing the virus on to others.  Because the main population we serve is birth to 3 years old, who are not vaccine eligible, we are very concerned about the health of our little guests.

We sincerely hope this closure doesn’t last long.  We are grateful to have 2 pediatricians on our board who, with other medical professionals, helped guide this decision.  We will remain in close contact with them and will reopen when case numbers indicate it is safe to do so.

Here is what we will do to support our guests and neighbors during this closure:

  • Give away days:  Tuesday and Thursday mornings 10 am to noon.  We will load you up with enrichment for children (our signature craft kits, toys, activities and books).  In addition, we can help with diapers, wipes, covid safety supplies, and gently donated clothing.
  • Social service referrals.  Let us know what you need and we will try and connect you.
  • Ask the Doctor:  Please visit our website www.hellobabychgo.org to submit anonymous medical questions which will then be answered promptly on social media.

A year ago I never anticipated we would still be in this place. I copied this quote from Facebook which I think captures how many of us are feeling. “Stay indoors.  But also return in person.  Wear a mask.  Not that one.  The expensive one that you can’t find.  Take rapid tests. Which you also can’t find.  But if you find them, don’t buy them.  Rapid tests don’t work.  You need PCR. There are zero appointments in your area.”  

Thank you in advance for your understanding and support. Please email me directly if you have any suggestions or feedback on how we can best be of service during this time.

Wishing you all the gift of health and play,

Debbie Frisch

Founder and Executive Director

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January 10, 2022 @ 9:00 am
February 4, 2022 @ 5:00 pm